Project Overview

Project Location

Project Location
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The Maggie Exploration Project is located in British Columbia, approximately halfway between Clinton and Cache Creek along Highway 97. Historical data from the 1970s indicates that copper and molybdenum mineralization exists in the area.

Constantia is conducting an exploration program with the intention of evaluating the mineralization in the project area. The Maggie drill program began in October 2013, and the second phase of drilling is now complete. Assessment of the results is currently underway and will determine the next phase of exploration. The exploration program could last between one and three years.

Constantia has been in communication with First Nations as well as landowners, community members, local conservation groups and government about our drilling program at Maggie since September 2011. We are committed to building positive and cooperative relationships and understanding local interests and concerns. We will continue to communicate with interested individuals and organizations through one-on-one meetings, public events, newsletters and brochures, and via e-mail and phone as we advance the Maggie Exploration Project.